Are you ready for a platform to manage your projects?

  • To reach construction products and prices
  • To determine the most accurate cost of your projects
  • Access to unit price lists is very easy with MekCom software when you prepare or apply for tenders.


Do you want to reach construction products prices?

MekCom Shop is a web-based platform that hosts all construction products and prices in the World.

What can you do with MekCom?

Price Search

The most current prices of the products that you want to know can be found with a single button! Don't waste your hours on the products you want to know about the price, thanks to our infrastructure that includes the most current prices of known brands.

Get A Price Quote

Will you purchase materials for your projects? Thanks to our software which works simultaneously with many companies, you have the advantage of getting the best price by reaching to the right company in the fastest way possible.

Find Company

You have the freedom to reach all companies in the sector! Make your work easier in every province with the feature you can find contact information of construction, mechanical installation and electrical installation companies in all provinces of Turkey.

Cost Calculation

Prepare the most accurate offer with current cost prices! Prepare a flawless offer using web-based software with an easy-to-use visual interface using the current prices of familiar brands.

Approximate Cost Calculation

Calculate the approximate cost with the unit price list! It has never been so easy to calculate the approximate cost with the feature number, description, and feature you can search with every word. We're also sure that adding bulk exposure will affect you.

Unit Price List for Turkey

Get the latest unit price list of the year! **Searching with exposure number and all kinds of words **Seeing the pose with all details ** Unit price lists of all years ** Price lists of all institutions ** Assembly and disassembly prices

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To calculate the quantity and cost calculation quickly and reliably, we can see the power of technology MekCom Cost
Muhsin Aydın
Mechanical Engineer
MekCom Cost, web-based software that needs to be tested construction sector
Ayla Erik
Mechanical Engineer
We're looking forward to providing services at the construction site with all the features
Hakan Durmuş
Civil Engineer